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Always work toward delivering superior value

"The thing that drives everything is creating genuine value for customers"

- Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo

So the question now becomes, what can we do on a regular basis to deliver superior value?

Below are a few suggestions. Be sure to talk to your marketing rep for additional ideas.

1. How about training your staff to start complimentary selling? For example, if someone

buys bandaids, ask if they need any antiseptic or with their allergy medication they also need more facial tissues.

2. Host annual Customer Appreciation events. For one day, grill out or cater in to thank

customers for their continued service. If you already do, then kick it up a notch by donating $5 to a local charity for each person that comes. Or make it a customer appreciation event/food drive and donate the proceeds to a food bank.

3. Pick a customer segment each month and do something special for them such as small gifts or flowers. It doesn't have to be something big or expensive to make a big impact.

Always remember what it is that makes your independent pharmacy better than a chain and go out there and SELL IT!

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