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Build profitable relationships & create customer delight

Customer relationship management. A simple enough concept that focuses on just that;

managing customer relationships. While everyone has their own methods of customer interaction, the building and maintaining of profitable customer relationships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction is the biggest piece that needs to be honed.

Essentially, the most important of the four steps, all comes down to delighting your customers by going above and beyond...every time.

Think about the stores that you are loyal to. Why do you keep going back? Is it the prices, the products or services or is it the customer service? Why do you use them, rather than any of the

competitors? It's because at some point, you decided to value them.

Customer value is the customer's evaluation of the perceived differences between all of the costs and benefits of competing companies and is the reason they choose you rather than anyone else. Several studies have shown that higher levels of customer satisfaction lead to greater customer loyalty, which then leads to better company performance.

So what does all this tell us? Basically, that if a company is smart they will strive to delight their customers by promising what they can deliver, and then delivering MORE than they promise. Any pharmacist can fill a prescription, but only a neighborhood pharmacist knows their patients' names, medication histories and backgrounds.

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