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Spring into action

With Spring right around the corner, this month we will be focusing on the importance of a complete and thorough Spring cleaning of your pharmacy.

When was the last time your pharmacy had a good Spring cleaning? And I don't just mean tiding up this and that, I mean a FULL cleaning. If a new customer were to walk into your store today, what would they see? What would they smell? How easy would it be for them to find what they are looking for?

With work, as well as your home, we get so used to where things are and how things look that we rarely think about it from an outside perspective.

Some things to consider when looking at your pharmacy:

- Do the products or shelves need dusting?

- Are there any shelf tags that need updating?

- Do you need to remove or expand any OTC or specialty product lines?

- Are your in-store marketing materials up to date or do you still have items up from last spring?

- How does the exterior of the store look? Do you need to have the windows washed, hedges trimmed, plant some flowers?

- When you walk through the front door of the pharmacy, is it inviting?

Additionally, consider doing a spring cleaning of your customer database as well. Do you have all of the necessary information on each customer? When was the last time anyone's email address got updated?

First impressions go a long way with new customers and current customers will also appreciate you taking the time and effort to make your store a place where they are proud to conduct their business.

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