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A vase or two faces?

Happy American Pharmacist's Month!

This month, we are diving a bit more into some of the psychological factors that play a part in consumer behavior. Specifically focusing on a customer's perception of your pharmacy.

Last month we discussed motivational factors. This month, we take a look at how perceptions influence our decisions. A motivated person is ready to act, but how the person acts is influenced by his or her own perception. Perception is the process by which people select, organize, and interpret information to form a picture of their world.

Did you know that people are exposed to an estimated 3,000 - 5,000 advertising messages every day? It is impossible for everyone to pay attention to it all - so we tend to focus on just those things that mean something to us and develop perceptions about brands that we favor, as well as those we dislike.

Because of this near constant flow of ads, it is important to remember that it may take some time for your marketing message to sink in and even longer to change someone's perception of your pharmacy. Offering relevant, as well as, a variety of products and services, consistently providing exceptional customer service and developing relationships with your patients are ways to solidify your place in the perception people hold of your pharmacy.

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