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The Big 6: an overview

With January brings a new direction for the Marketing 101 blog. For the next several months will be taking an in-depth look into social media - specifically looking at what I am dubbing "The Big 6".

It's everywhere! Since the launch of Facebook in 2004, the way people communicate and connect has changed the face of marketing more than any other type of advertising since the first television commercials.

For a business to be successful in today's technology driven world, having a social media presence is a MUST. However, jumping into social media without a plan can sometimes do more harm than good.

The Big 6, are the largest/most popular social media channels for marketing, to date, and they are:

1. Facebook

2. YouTube

3. Twitter

4. LinkedIn

5. Google Plus

6. Instagram

There are definitely tons of other great and popular social media sites (looking at you Pinterest), but we are going to focus on the Big 6 and how we can help you develop an effective strategy to get the most out of them.

For each of the Big 6, we will look at pros vs cons, address any misconceptions, who are the typical users, various strategies, and measuring results.

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