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for independent pharmacies

We have been fortunate enough to work with the independent pharmacy community since 2010 and we see the struggles you face every day. In an effort to simplify your life, and continue our advocacy for the industry, we compile and create dedicated resources, just for you. All free to use, whether you are a GRX Marketing client or not, because we want your independent pharmacy to thrive.

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Clinical Services

The pharmacy industry is changing dramatically. Many pharmacies are expanding their offerings to include clinical services to provide patients with more care, more answers. If this is you, click here for more from CPESN.

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Care and Education Specialists are an essential part of any diabetes health care team. Click here to find out how your pharmacy can offer a lifestyle change program to help prevent Type 2 diabetes in your community.


Want to offer immunizations or expand your immunization offerings, but not sure where to start? Click here to check out the IAC and access the latest recommendations, information, and resources on a variety of vaccines.


PBMs are the single biggest influence on the soaring price of prescriptions, and GRX Marketing is here to help independent pharmacies educate patients about what PBMs are, how PBMs are profiting at their expense and what they can do to reform practices. Using these free marketing materials from NCPA and PUTT we can spread the word and stop PBM abuse. 


Schedule a meeting today to learn how GRX Marketing can help your independent pharmacy amplify your voice and educate your community. 

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