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Gen X marks the spot

We are continuing our topic from last month about different groups of purchasers within our

society. This month, we are taking a deeper look into Generation X.

Unlike the Baby Boomer generation, Gen X is not usually defined by specific dates, but, rather is a combination of people born from the mid 1960's through 1979 - 81 and there are approximately 60 million of them. Generation X'ers are more diverse in regards to race, class, ethnicity, religion, etc. They are more likely to have less money individually, but higher household incomes because of more women in the workforce.

Generation X has embraced mobile technology even though it hasn't necessarily always been a part of their lives. They enjoy their flexibility and independence and are very wary of taking financial risks after seeing their families lose money in the stock market.

The best way to market to Gen X is to be very clear about what you are offering. Provide ample details and don't try to hide anything. Focus more on making suggestions and giving them options for them to pick what they think would work best for them, and be sure to avoid any references to heritage and tradition.

As I mentioned in the previous blog it is important to remember that everyone is different in their purchasing process, even within the same generation. These guidelines are simple tools to help you talk with your patients and give you an idea on how best to approach them.

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