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The Other 80/20 Rule

pharmacy shelves

We all know the 80/20 rule that says "80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers", but did you know that there is a different 80/20 rule? The other 80/20 rule is this - your pharmacy's front end (regardless of how big or small it is) represents 80% of your pharmacy's image. When it comes to what your customers think about your pharmacy, 80% of what they see and interact with is your front end. So the question to consider is, what kind of image is your front end portraying? We all get in our habits when coming to work, and for most of us, that involves going in the back door, dropping off food or items in their designated spots (coat, purse, etc.) and then diving into work. It is important; however, that you occasionally mix it up. Every 3 months, walk into your pharmacy via the front door, and think about what you are seeing as a customer would. How does the pharmacy smell? Is it clean, organized, and well lit? Are the marketing pieces hanging up recent? Do your displays need updating? Do your windows need washing? By making sure your front end looks neat, tidy, clean, and professional, you can easily and actively shape how people view your business. If needed, ask friends or family to help by having them come in and point out things for you to consider changing. By taking just a bit of time each quarter, you can make a big impact on how your community sees your pharmacy. Here are a few other nuggets from the class to share: 1. Always have at least 3 of each product. No one likes to take the last one and if you only have one it will likely never be purchased. 2. Take some time to set up unique little displays to help showcase some products. For example, get a bowl of fake oranges and set them with a vitamin c supplement, or some fake grass in a plant holder next to organic products.

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