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Online Reputation Management

What does online reputation management mean, and how does it affect your business? In the simplest terms, it is how your pharmacy is perceived online. When someone does a search of your pharmacy, what comes up? How is your story being told? Positive reviews across Google and social media? Local stories about your pharmacy’s community participation? Or is it negative reviews and bad press?

To portray a positive story, you must take the time to build a good base. Is your website up to date? Have you posted on your social media accounts lately? Do your Google or Yelp reviews need a jump start? (Having no reviews is just as bad as not having one from six or more months ago, or negative ones). In addition to wanting a good online reputation, according to Joel House Search Media, search results will send 70% of consumers to a physical store. That means many people are researching your pharmacy before even thinking about calling or stopping in. You could be missing out on new customers based on what they are reading about your pharmacy online.

Due to the digital age we live in, you cannot avoid being “talked about” online. While you cannot avoid it, you can control the message. Because the reality is, if you do not as the owner, someone else will. Follow these key points with online reputation management:

  1. Establish a baseline: Start by doing a quick Google search of your pharmacy and see what comes back. Do you like the story that is being told? How do you compare to your competitors?

  2. Get to work: If you have not done any updates to your website, posted on Facebook, or asked customers for reviews, that is a great place to start. Pick the area you are lacking in most and improve it first.

  3. Keep at it: Unfortunately, online reputation management is not a one and done thing. You must constantly work at it. In addition to the items mentioned above, you or a staff member must diligently monitor your online outlets for questions, comments, and review. There is nothing more frustrating than when a business does not reply. There are inexpensive management programs you can sign up for to alert you when you receive a review on Google, or a comment or message through Facebook. Take the time to respond back.

Even if your online story is a positive one, it is still important to manage your reputation, as it can change in a heartbeat. You can also improve it even more by getting coverage from third parties (local newspaper, local business you partnered with, etc.) which will be unbiased information being provided about your pharmacy and very valuable.

In addition to creating a positive image of your business, all of this activity will help your SEO (search engine optimization), or how you rank in results when people search for pharmacies or services in your area. So it can be a win-win.

If you need assistance improving your online reputation management, contact us today.

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