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Guest Blog: When I called I got an answer that totally surprised me!


Here’s the back-story.  I had arranged to interview Michael McIntosh. He and his father, Larry McIntosh, own six pharmacies in southeast Missouri. I had been told they used a marketing services company to help them do geofencing, a type of marketing I was eager to learn more about.

When we connected and I asked Michael about geofencing he said he was thrilled with the success of the program but that he did not want to talk about that. Instead he said, the most important thing GRX Marketing did for his company was create a comprehensive marketing plan.  “Before they produced any marketing materials, they took the time to learn about our company, the philosophy my dad and I have towards patient care and dig into the demographics of the communities we serve.”

According to Michael several years ago he participated in a meeting where Nicolle McClure, President of GRX Marketing was presenting. He was impressed with her remarks but since they were working with a local marketing specialist at the time, he chose not pursue the opportunity. Later, that marketing person left them so Michael reached out to GRX Marketing and agreed to give them a try. Three years later he says, “I can’t speak more highly of them.”

He says, the team at GRX Marketing understands pharmacy and jumped right in to develop a plan and then carefully coordinate several marketing programs that complement one another. Geofencing was one of the tools they implemented. He says it works well for him and he encourages other pharmacy owners to look into it.  But, he repeats, his core suggestion is to work with a company that can create a plan that fits the unique needs of your pharmacy.

What about cost? With six stores on the GRX Marketing program he says the fees are not insignificant. But, he says, every time he and his dad sit down to look for ways to reduce expenses, they decide to keep using the service.


Article from Bruce Kneeland -

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