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How can video help your independent pharmacy?

Since COVID-19 hit the US in February, our team has been asked one question significantly more often than any other – What can I do to market my pharmacy, that is different and inexpensive? To help provide a wealth of ideas for you to consider, we have integrated the theme of simple and inexpensive throughout our blog posts this year. This month, we will be focusing on the benefits of utilizing video in your marketing.

Video is a bit different than the other marketing avenues that we have reviewed, simply because it requires a bit more input on the pharmacy’s behalf. It will fall to you and your team to take the time to record and publish the videos to your social media – instead of relying on a third party. That being said, there are significant benefits to using video within your marketing strategy:

  • Video helps to build credibility and trust and gives your pharmacy a face

  • Video helps improve your overall search rankings and reduces your website bounce rate

  • Video is a simple way to present complex information

  • According to 90% of people say that product video helps them make buying decisions

  • According to 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service

  • Social media video generates 12x more shares than text and images, according to Small Business Trends.

So, we know that using video is beneficial, but the next question becomes HOW do we utilize video for our pharmacies. Based on our own experience and other studies that have been performed, below are some best practices for creating video content as well as some ideas to help your pharmacy get started.

Best Practices

  • Keep is short and sweet. Hubspot recommends 30 seconds for Instagram, 45 seconds for Twitter, 1 minute for Facebook and 2 minutes for YouTube.

  • Be authentic. You do not need to have a super specific script where you read all of the relevant information. Just talk to the camera like you would one of your customers.

  • Include a call to action. At the end of the video, be sure to give directions on what you want them to do next – Call the pharmacy, sign up for the program, stop in and talk with a pharmacist, etc.

  • Find a good setup. There are three main things to focus on for your video setup.

    • Make sure you have a decent camera. Any phone made in the last 5 years will suffice.

    • Take a test video to ensure you can hear the presenter.

    • Avoid having light behind the speaker as it will make them hard to see.

    • Ensure now PHI is in the video


  • Review different products. Highlight product benefits such as vitamins/supplements, nutrient depletion, CBD, bath aids, specialty sections such as baby, DME, diabetic shoes, etc.

  • Showcase your services

    • Explain what med sync is and its benefits

    • Show how compliance packaging works

    • Review immunizations offered and who should get them

    • Explain what compounding is and discuss who benefits

    • Walk through what goes on during a medication review

    • Discuss how you can review plans for open enrollment

    • Promote your weight loss program and how it works

  • Introduce your team. Let your community get to know your pharmacists, techs, and support team members by doing a short introduction of each person.

  • Health and wellness topics. Find things that your patients and community are interested in and do weekly health and wellness discussions.

They key with video is to make it your own. Find something that you and your team are passionate about – or what your community needs to know – and take the time to produce the necessary content. Enlist the input of your team and your social media followers if you are unsure what you should create videos about. For ideas and inspiration, you can also check out these Facebook pages:

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