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Let Your Customers Know You Care

When it comes to marketing, we tend to primarily focus on getting new customers. According to Forbes Magazine, businesses typically spend five times more on attracting new business, over nurturing their existing customer base. While it is important to continually increase your customer count, it is equally important to market to ones you already have. One way you can do that, is by spending money on customer appreciation type marketing.

Your customers usually have other options when it comes to filling their prescriptions, so don’t assume just because they use your pharmacy now, they always will. Other pharmacies in the area are constantly trying to woo them with enticing offers, promise of better service, etc., so it is important to show your customers that you value their business.

Here are a few ways to thank them:

  1. Host Annual Customer Appreciation Event: Give thanks by hosting a single, multiple day, or month-long appreciation event. During this time offer free food and refreshments, discounts on products, register to win for prizes, or hand out coupons customers can use on a future purchase in the pharmacy. When planning for an event, it is important to pick your date(s) at least 4-6 weeks in advance, so there is plenty of time to promote it. You will also need to determine how much you want to spend on food, prizes, etc., then order everything in advance, so it is ready to go ahead of time. If you have any food or refreshments, we recommend working with another small business in town. Often if you offer to put their logo on any marketing materials, they will give you a discount on your purchase. After your event is over, make sure to send a thank you note to all that attended (through registration slips) and post photos of the special day(s) on your social media platforms.

  2. Start a Loyalty Program: Having a loyalty program for your pharmacy not only rewards your current customers, but also creates a “stickiness” with them, making it harder to leave you when enticed. You can set up a loyalty program through your pharmacy management system or a 3rd party vendor, where customers receive points for purchases. You can also do it yourself by creating a punch card for certain OTC items, vitamins, or services such as a weight-loss program.

  3. New Customer Welcome Kit: Make a lasting impression and start building loyalty right off the bat by giving your new customers a Welcome Kit. Include a brochure about the pharmacy, a promo item or two, a business card and coupon.

When putting together your marketing plan for 2020, make sure to think about how to target your current customers to create loyalty for years to come.

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